Evina Luna revisited

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Gunnar- Hi Evina!

Evina Luna- Hi! I am here again!

G- I have invited you back to do a follow up interview, to check in since last time and find out what is new in the exciting life of Evina Luna. The last time I posted an interview with you, there was a lot of feedback. Tell me about that.

EL- It was interesting. After people read the interview, I got both negative and positive feedback. I was more shocked by negative posts, because they came from people that I believed were friends. It made me realize that I can't do this to please everybody. The most important thing I have to do is do what makes me happy.

The positive posts really motivated me to push forward. One of those was from Ashley Hudson. She was a friend back in high school where I was being picked on, and she wrote one of the sweetest emails after she had read the last interview. What she said helped me re-center myself. She, among other people who really read the interview, had a lot of positive feedback to give me. These comments helped me see what was important in my career, and helped me see where I want to go with it.

As far as the negative comments go, I remember putting these people on pedestals, or--“I have to be this kind of person so people will like me”. After reading their responses to my interview, I feel that they never liked me from the beginning.

Now, with that said, I believe it is important to have relationships and friendships in this difficult business. Finding people that I am really lucky to have in my life, like Lisa with Battle Dress Body Paint--she is phenomenal. I love working with her. She has helped me get gigs and work beyond anything I ever could have asked for. I can now go down a list of names, people that I have surrounded myself with (you being one of them) that I can trust, work with, and not [be] obligated to. I mean, in any business there is some level of obligation with your work. Such as: you are obligated to A) show up on time, B) arrive as prepared as possible, and C) just be a good model, not a diva. Do what it is that they hired you to do. Unfortunately this industry is so over-saturated with models, photographers, makeup artists, etc., etc., that just don't have that quality of work ethic. It is as if they have a sense of entitlement, but for me it is more about being confident, not entitled. If you come across as entitled, I think it really hurts you in this, or any, business. I think I may have gone a bit off topic there, but you get what I am trying to say….

G- Yes, I do, and I am sure the readers will as well. In that answer, you said that the feedback helped you see where you wanted to go with your career. Tell me more about that.

EL- It acted as a fire-starter under my butt, to end the relationships that are holding me back in life. To say to myself, “I am not perfect, but perfect for me”, and that I am full of flaws and I am ok with that. It also opened my eyes that I don't have to be a people pleaser. Realizing all of this really helped me competitively in the NPC [National Physique Committee]. I used to enter a contest thinking that I always had to be 100% spot on--perfect--in front of the judges. At the end of the day that really hurt me. I spent way too much time thinking about what others thought of me vs. what I thought of me. And so this takes us back to how the negative comments also helped me be better at what I do. I am now very comfortable in my own skin. If you remember from the last time we talked, this is one of the big issues for many models. I have let go of those insecurities and am a much more focused and better person for it.

As for what I want to do, I have started a blog (www.evinaluna.blogspot.com) that is about the products I use, companies I have worked for, and empowering the people I have worked with. I set up this blog a while ago, but never wrote the first post due to all of those past insecurities. I was afraid of what people would think or say. Now I feel confident enough that one day my post will reach out to someone.

With my business, We Care Group Fitness, my insecurities set me back on starting it. How would the marketing be done? What will people think of me? How often should I post? If I post too often, will it annoy people? Blah, blah, blah. Now I know that if I don't take chances and push past those fears, I will never be successful.

G- So with all of these revelations and new found comfort with who you are, with your current competition results, and your first big win, have your desires and goals as a model changed any since the last time we spoke?

EL- For those of you reading, I just had my first-ever first-place trophy in the NPC, which was [the most] overwhelming feeling that I have ever experienced! I have competed for years with Hawaiian Tropic, taken 2nd place many times, and (by default) was able to hold the title of Miss Tucson Arizona. Now, seeing my hard work pay off with the win was very humbling. Of course there was the initial “WOOHOO! YEAH!!!” but in my head I thought "It is about time!" I have worked my tail off for this, and I got it! It…took me 10 years to get that 1st place trophy, but for me it HAD to take that long. This is a part of my journey and to enjoy it this much, I had to work that hard.

To answer your question: not at all. I still want the same things and have the same goals to be the best at what I do and help as many people as I can along the way. In fact, I enjoy helping women so much, I started online coaching. I am working with someone right now that has never put on high heels, done her hair or worn a stitch of makeup, and she is 21. I get to help her build her confidence and empower her womanhood. What really matters to me is that I get to help this woman bloom into the beautiful person she is. I am helping women find themselves (having 3 older brothers, I didn’t know how to do that), to help them understand their sexuality, to help them find their strength, to help them understand they don't have to be a pushover, to watch them get comfortable in their own skin, and most of all, to help them understand they don't have to be a victim.


That is it for today... I will post up part 2 of the interview a week from today.


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